Time-Management Tips I Actually Use...

Time-Management Tips I Actually Use...

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1. The Daily Highlight
This is straight from my favorite productivity book "Make Time" by John Zeratsky. The idea is that each day, we choose one specific task that we want to get done, simply saving us from an overly long to-do list and analysis paralysis.

2. Use A To-Do List
There's so much going on in our brains every day, there's no way we can store a perfect list of everything we need to do. Having a physical to-do list in front of your eyes is a really pleasant experience and you're less likely to switch away from an app and never check it again.

3. Time Blocking
Whenever we have a task to do we should put a time block in our calendar just for this thing - it is as simple as it sounds. I like to use this technique in combination with daily highlights to make sure the most important task is protected in my calendar.

4. Parkinson's Law
Parkinson's law states that work expands to fill the time we allocate to it. To take advantage of this law we need to leverage deadlines, even if they're somewhat artificial. Putting pressure on when you need to get a task done by will help you tick it off.

5. Protected Time
If you don't protect your time, your day can easily get filled up with meetings. Schedule a block of your day for protected task time.
These days I set my protected time for the first 4 hours of my mornings and I use it to read, code or do chores.

6. Automated Scheduling
With different time zones and calendars, scheduling a single meeting can take up to 20 minutes. At some point, this became too much trouble so I decided to try out some kind of scheduling software - I settled on the "Calendly" and have never looked back.

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