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Are You A Beginner In Web Development?

Are You A Beginner In Web Development?

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  • HTML is fully known as Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is fully known as Hyper Text Markup Language

It is a markup language which means it uses tags to indicate how text and other elements should be displayed on a web page. So therefore, IT IS NOT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE.

  1. It is standard langauge used to create a web pages

  2. It serve as skeleton and foundation of web page.

  3. HTML tags are used to create the structure and layout of a web page, including headings, paragraphs, images, links, and more.


  1. <!DOCTYPE html>: This is the first thing in the structure of HTML. It is always at the top before any HTML tag. THIS IS NOT A HTML TAG, It only tell the browser about the version of HTML the pages are written in.

  2. <html>...</html>: This comes next after the doctype. This is the root element of HTML document that contains other elements.

  3. <head>...</head>: This is the first element inside the root HTML ELEMENT. It contains the website title, links to stylesheets, scripts, and other metadata such as keywords and description. This content are not displayed on the page but it allows web browsers and search engines to understand and interpret the content of the document.

  4. <body>...</body>: The body element represent the main contents of the HTML document. Anything written inside this element is displayed by the browser. It contains several other elements which includes text, images, link, lists, tables, and more.

  5. <footer>...</footer>: It is the last element inside the root HTML element. It also take in other elements which contains information such as copyright information, contact information, and site credits. It comes after the main content. It is also used to provide additional information or navigation options for users. You can visit W3Schools.com or freeCodeCamp.org to learn mo

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